Editing & project management


Claire Bushey commissioned and edited op-eds at Crain’s from March to June 2018, including a lawyer denouncing racism masquerading as academic freedom and writer Tom Geoghegan on a state progressive income tax.

As special projects administrator at publisher Hymns Ancient & Modern in London, she coordinated activities among the editorial, marketing, advertising and book sales departments related to the publication of a special section of the Church Times listing the “100 Best Christian Books” of all time.

She managed the production of “Lost Pilots, Loose Horses,” a client’s self-published memoir. She copyedited the manuscript and coordinated its editing, typesetting, proofreading, cover design and printing.

She commissioned and edited essays for “An Irrepressible Hope: Notes from Chicago Catholics,” released in 2012 by ACTA Publications in Chicago, and wrote the foreword.